Data Mapping Access Objects Generator (DMAOG)

DMAOG is a tool that analyses a given RDF dataset (directly provided or generated from a set of declarative mapping rules) to automatically generate code to access this data. The data is explored through SPARQL queries in order to get the details of each type. It is important to remark that every desired data object to be generated must contain a type declaration in the form of :subject a :type . From the analysis DMAOG builds a set of Java classes that compounds the Data Access layer which can be used in any Java-based project using DMAOG as a dependency. When accessing the data, DMAOG relies on reflection techniques to create and populate the objects that are then returned to the user through the provided data access layer.

Try it!

Success! Check your downloads folder

You will find a file named that includes all the generated code as well as the data from which it has been generated (provided by you or generated using the mapping rules.)

What's next?

You can use the generated resources to consult the provided/generated data within a JVM-based project. It is also possible to modify, delete and create instances following the same data model and DMAOG encapsulates all the logic for you. Just take into account that you need to include the DMAOG dependency in your project, see below: